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A Fascinating and Mysterious World

Where Various Tribes Live in Harmony.

In the village of Froak, located in the heart of the AFTER OCEAN, there is a Giant Ocean Tree that has been kept by the Guardian family for generations. Ocean fruit that only blooms once a year is an essential resource for maintaining a clean and beautiful AO World. It has a powerful energy that can purify any pollutants.

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In the Peaceful AO World,

Ocean Tree researcher Murödinger begins a forbidden research with canned trash he finds on the beach. A new life form, Canisty, was created by combining Ocean Fruit and can waste. Through the new life form, Canisty, he learns of the existence of Garbage Island and is immersed in [Trenemy Research] to create evil creatures.


                             Frogy Discovers Forbidden Research

Frogy keeps Murödinger away from the Ocean Tree. Filled with anger and vengeance, Murödinger decides to create his own kingdom and take over the entire AO World. He steals the Ocean Fruit and flees to the Garbage Island, where he immerses himself in the study of Trenemy.                                                                                                                      

The Trenemy Crops, thus completed, begins to ruin the AO World.

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Frogy, a brave friend of the Guardian Family

begins an adventure to bring back the power of the Ocean Tree by destroying

Murödinger's Trenemy Corps and purifying the polluted area.

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