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The New Adventure 

 on Metaverse 

In After Ocean, you can play and earn by collecting NFTs&Gems.

Also we have various environment you never meet.

Join us and explore a new world.

What is After Ocean?

After Ocean is an RPG game where you adventure on the ground in a suit with a sea creature motif.
You must solve the source of pollution and unravel the hidden inner layers to purify the polluted sea.
Defeat the enemies in your way and solve various problems to save the sea!

As human civilization develops,

the land and sea have reached a point where living things can no longer survive due to environmental pollution.

In the deep-sea kingdom of Atlantis, which has not been in the realm of humans,

the marine creatures that have continuously evolved can no longer tolerate

Dr. Octopus made a plan to advance to the ground on a robot,

which is an intensive body of science and technology that has been developed so far.

The spearhead of advancing to the ground was a commando unit called

"After Ocean" (hereinafter referred to as AO)..

A.O! Let's advance to land and show the wrath of the sea to humans who pollute the sea!

Meet Our Character!



Meet most powerful soldier in After Ocean 'Finblue'.

He has incredible fight skills and also great strategist.

Aren't you curious about the battles he will fight?

And More Unique NFTs on After Ocean!

AO suit

An AO suit modeled after a marine creature, each shape has different abilities.


A pilot who rides a robot, a small creature with different stats


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